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Aiden Byrne

Rising star Aiden Byrne was head chef at The Grill at The London Dorchester from late 2006. He was previously Tom Aiken's head chef at his Chelsea restaurant and has worked with several other high-profile chefs such as Paul Rankin and David Adlard. Aiden has made numerous TV appearances, including Masterchef. In addition to Tom Aiken's eponymous restaurant, Aiden has worked at Pied à Terre in London, Adlard's in Norwich, Peacock Alley and the Commons in Dublin, and Danesfield House in Buckinghamshire. At the age of 22, Aiden Byrne became the youngest chef ever to win a Michelin star. Aiden's food is high quality British, locally-sourced, seasonal fare.

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The Church Green, Lymm, Cheshire

The Church Green

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